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Learn Danish in the heart of Copenhagen

More than excellent teaching...

It takes more than just excellent teaching to become one of the favoured Danish language schools in Copenhagen.

With more than 5.000 students every year, we are definitely a popular choice among internationals in Copenhagen.

Our students reflect different ethnic groups, languages and cultures, giving the school a richness that we cultivate and cherish.

Danish language school in Copenhagen – diversity and inclusion

Established in 1992, Copenhagen Language Center has more than 20 years of experience teaching Danish as a second language.

Our school is warm, supportive, vibrant and creative. We take pride in being an inclusive community of people from all over the world and of all ages and backgrounds.

Despite the ethnic and national diversity among our students there are still a number of common denominators. Every student has left their home country and chosen Denmark as their current place of residence and everyone has a strong motivation to learn about Danish language and culture.

Why us?

For starters, our aim is to foster a climate where all students and staff experience a true sense of belonging and our students can thrive and succeed - both in their Danish language studies and in Denmark.

As a student at Copenhagen Language Center, you will:

  • Develop your Danish reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills
  • Work with highly qualified and dedicated teachers
  • Make new friends and expand your social circle
  • Learn about Danish culture and society

With a unique and holistic learning experience in a welcoming student centered environment our teachers and staff work hard to ensure that we maintain our position as one of the preferred Danish language schools for non-native speakers.

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